DIR 2020: An introduction to the history of French cabinetmaking, from Louis XIII (17th century) to the early 20th century

DIR 2020: An introduction to the history of French cabinetmaking, from Louis XIII (17th century) to the early 20th century

Benchspace’s Designer in Resident 2020 Élise Rousselot shared her amazing knowledge about furniture design with us in a presentation about “An introduction to the history of French cabinetmaking, from Louis XIII (17th century) to the early 20th century.

If you missed the event last Friday and/or would like to hear more about the eras influenced cabinet making in France and the materials & tools that were available at the time, you can watch the recording of the talk here:





As part of Cork Craft Month and in collaboration with Blackwater Studios, we present “The Connections Project”

Connections seeks to engage a community of makers, from traditional to digital, embracing new methods of making. This group originally coalesced around the Benchspace Open Source PPE response over the early months of covid-19 outbreak in Ireland, many of whom have never met in person. To mark the project, members of the group have again collaborated to design and build a structure around themes of loss, achievement, and future connections. The project culminates with participants meeting finally to assemble the structure on site in the courtyard of Backwater studios where it will remain for the week.

Benchspace is a creative hub in Cork City. It was established to provide affordable access to workbenches and professional standard machinery to hobbyists, learners, makers and designers.

Benchspace PPE Project Report

March this year was a month that changed everything for many people, as the seriousness of the impending Covid 19 pandemic began to take hold and businesses around the world began to shut down we saw a number of maker spaces taking action and we at Benchspace wanted to be part of that.

We began our PPE project with just 4 people, it expanded to include 100’s.

Read the full report

Benchspace PPE Project

COVID – 19 update.

Unfortunately, given the current situation we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Summer Classes at Benchspace. We however have began our plans to reopen for the public in August and will begin with a few Classes and Open Making sessions then.

We’re plan to be back to full strength in September with a Green Woodworking weekend, Benchspace Bites, Intro to Laser Cutting and our evening courses for the Autumn begin in late Sept/early October.

Our full lineup is available to book now at


We hope to see you all in the workshop as soon as possible.

The Benchspace Team.

3D Printed Faceshield for Irish Healthcare Workers



Due to the Covid 19 crisis we’ve had to close down the workshop to the public.

We do however have a number of 3D printers and an 80w laser cutter. We decided to put this equipment to use creating Face Shields for Front Line Workers.

To stop a potential bottleneck we also put out a call for home based 3D printer owners to help us in creating these masks. In less than 48 hours over 35 people signed up to help.

We’ve spend the last week establishing protocols, trialling various designs with healthcare professionals and establishing a distribution plan. We have committed to providing the masks free of charge to a number of major hospitals and elderly care institutions

We estimate we can produce over 2400 face masks a week to distribute but material and distribution costs will be in excess of €6000.

Our goal is to get 10,000 masks into the hands of health workers over the next 4 weeks.

If you wish to donate then you can at https://www.gofundme.com/f/3d-printed-faceshields-for-frontline-staff

If you have access to a 3D printer and wish to help, please fill out this form https://bit.ly/Benchspace3DPPE

if you wish to get in contact, you can email us at ppe@benchspacecork.ie

Thank you.

The Benchspace Team.