Safety first,
second and third

You must be safety trained to independently use the workshops and equipment at benchspace.

But don’t let that stress you out, we have a simple three step pathway to training.

1.  Training

We offer Safety Training for each workshop as either standalone classes or sometimes included in our Project and Skills classes. You do not need to be a member to take a safety training class.​

2.  Assessment

After completing safety training we’ll review your knowledge of workshop and machine safety systems, the correct operation of equipment and basic machine maintenance.

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3. Supervised Use

The last step is a period of supervised machine use. Depending on the workshop, this can be completed during your safety training class/assessment or for some equipment may require a longer period of logged use.

What if I have a training qualification already?​

We recognise the qualifications from some Further Education & Third Level courses in place of completing our full safety training. If you hold one of these qualifications you may only need to complete a short safety induction prior to passing an assessment. Contact us to find out if your qualifications are recognised.​
laser safety 1
Jewellery workshop

What if I have previous experience using a machine?

In some cases we may recognise prior professional experience in place of a training qualification. Contact us if you would like us to review your workshop experience towards access to our facilities.

Wood Workshop

The benchspace Wood Workshop requires the following safety training.​

​Wood – Workshop Safety Training

This is an online safety training & assessment which must be completed by all members before using the Wood Workshop. Members with this safety training can access the Wood Workshop and use Wood Workshop equipment (except those machines listed below).​

​Wood – Machine Safety Training

Individual safety training is required to use the: ​

  • 3.2m Robland Sigma Panel Saw.​
  • Trend WRT Router Table.​
  • Mitre Saw.​
  • SCM Class F520 Surface Planer.​
  • SCM Class S520 Thicknesser.​
  • 600mm Startrite 603 Band Saw.​
  • JET 400mm Wood Lathe + Tools.​
  • Morticer.​
  • Pedestal Drill.​
  • Belt Sander.​
  • JET JBOS-5 Oscillating Spindle Sander​
  • Festool Domino Joiner.
  • Tormek Sharpener.​
  • Assorted Power Hand Tools (Drills, Jigsaws, Planers).​