Fundit Crowdfunding

Group of Volunteers at benchspace

We are crowd funding to buy professional equipment for the workshop, machines that startups generally cannot afford to buy or house. All donations will go towards buying equipment and installing it. The more money we can raise, the higher the standard and range of equipment we can provide.
To get us started, generous supporters have loaned us machines for a short period. We now need to acquire our own permanent equipment.

The money raised will be used to buy a large format panel saw, and a planer-thicknesser.

€4,500 – Panel saw
€3,000 – Planer
€7,500 – Total

These prices are estimates based on good quality used machines. If we save any money on purchases or exceed the target, the remainder will go towards other equipment and tools such as dust extraction and a wide belt sander.

Bringing the workshop to this stage has been a lot of work and we’re sure that there are plenty more challenges ahead. But with the great help we’ve had from volunteers and the encouragement from supporters we know we can make an amazing creative space in Cork.

We really appreciate your support, thank you.

Sean, Fergus & Tony