Crowdfunding Coming to a Close.

Furniture and instrument makers, Brian, Brendan and Peter, standing outside benchspace

With the Friday deadline for their crowdfunding campaign looming, we have been working very hard to spread the word and seek support for the workshop fit-out. Amazingly, some generous supporters have pushed us over the finish line two days early! As you may know, the rules of the creative crowdfunding site require campaigners to reach their target or forfeit all pledges, so this week’s contributions are most welcome. Indeed we’d like to offer our sincerest thanks to everyone who supported the campaign. Every bit as important as the funding is the encouragement that this gives us to push the project forward, more than a hundred people have contributed over the five and we are extremely grateful.

This week also sees three more makers take up residence at the Benchspace workshop. Brendan (left) and Peter (right) are furniture makers, and Brian in the middle is an instrument maker. We wish them the very best of luck and we promise them a new planer-thicknesser very soon!