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Build Your Own Satellite Ground Station

Are you fascinated by space and want to learn how to receive data from satellites and weather probes? Join Jeffery from Tog Hackerspace in Dublin in this TinyGS Station Workshop where you'll build and program your own ground station and antenna to receive data from space. This hands-on, beginner-friendly workshop is perfect for anyone interested in radio, electronics, IOT, antenna design, and space exploration.
About TinyGS: TinyGS is an open community-run network of Ground Stations distributed around the world to receive and operate LoRa satellites, weather probes and other flying objects, using cheap and versatile modules. With a TinyGS ground station, you can receive data from a variety of sources, such as CubeSats.
What You'll Learn: During the workshop, you'll learn how to build and program a TinyGS ground station and a quarter-wave ground plane antenna. No prior experience is required, and we'll provide all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment to guide you through the process.
Materials Provided: All necessary materials, tools, and equipment will be provided for the workshop, including a quarter-wave ground plane antenna kit, a TinyGS base station kit, and a USB cable. You don't need to bring anything except a WiFi device(computer or phone) configure and create a Telegram account.
At the end of the workshop, you'll take home your very own TinyGS ground station and antenna. You'll be able to use your ground station to receive data from satellites and other flying objects and explore the fascinating world of space and radio. If you have any questions or want to continue learning after the workshop, we're here to help.
Bio: Jeffrey Roe is a highly skilled software/hardware engineer with a passion for creating unique and innovative projects. In his free time, he loves to experiment with bubble machines, bone conduction technology, IoT devices, and anything that involves LEDs. As a firm believer in the power of making and creativity, Jeffrey co-runs Dublin Maker, an annual festival that showcases the best of the maker community. He is also heavily involved with Tog, Dublin's Hackerspace, which provides a collaborative environment for people to work on their projects. Jeffrey is currently the chair of the electronics and computing division of Engineers Ireland. He is also an amateur radio enthusiast, constantly exploring new ways to integrate technology into his projects.

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Jun 09 2023


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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