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We’re building a creative hub in Cork, we need your help to design it.

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Help us build a Creative Hub in Cork.

Benchspace Cork is establishing a Creative Hub in Cork City. We need your help to do it.

A hub is a very specific location, usually a building or group of buildings, that provides affordable workspace, support and exhibition or sales space for creative entrepreneurs and acts as the central point of a wider network – hence the analogy of a hub as the centre of a wheel.

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Artist in Residence Programme

Benchspace is pleased to announce its inaugural Artist-in-Residence programme in 2018. Benchspace invites applications from established and emerging fine woodworking professionals, including furniture makers or artists working primarily in the medium of wood, or in combination with other materials. Applications are also welcomed from academic staff of noted programs in the woodwork and design fields seeking a period of return to a studio environment. The programme offers participants the latitude and creative environment to explore new bodies of work or methodologies.

The Artist-in-Residence programme is designed to bring established as well as emerging artists to Cork Ireland, to showcase their work to a local audience and to contribute fresh perspectives to the Resident Makers using the workshop. The programme affords the successful candidate the opportunity to create a new body of work or facilitate the exploration of innovative methodologies. It is hoped that it will also provide an in-depth opportunity for Benchspace makers and the wider community to learn from the Artist-in-Residence during workshops, lectures, and special programs. The residency will culminate in the completed work being displayed in an associated Gallery space, curated by Cork Craft and Design.

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Workshop Space Available for Rent

Benchspace exists to allow makers turn their passions into their professions. If you want to start your own fine woodworking business then we’d like to help to providing space and equipment at an affordable price. Instead of many individual bills, we charge one fee to cover all of your machine, space, power, waste and workshop insurance costs. We work hard to keep this fee as small as possible.

But more than that, we want to create an environment that encourages creativity, cooperation and excellence. By working alongside other makers, and participating in a culture of sharing and collaboration, we believe that together we can become more than the sum of our individual parts. By collectively reaching out to the community and beyond, we aim to establish the reputation of Cork as a centre of excellence for design and making in Ireland and beyond.

A bench space with full access to the machine workshop is €350 p/m including all bills and utilities. 

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