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Design Week: Maker Mejdi Nciri / Intro to Fablab technologies & Digital fabrication

This Design Week workshop with Mejdi Nciri will give a general presentation of 3D printing (the best known digital-fabrication additive-manufacturing tool).

    - Detailed use of a classical (fused filament) 3D printer: parts, functioning
      and operation.
    - Hands-on (bring your computer and your mouse!) training on the full 3D-printing
    - Design idea
    - CAD (aka 3D modeling) software
    - 3D model export (into STL format): bring your own 3D models!
    - Slicing (from STL to GCODE)
    - Printing and debugging

NB: This workshop will only propose a quick overview on CAD software. If you do not know how to do 3D modeling, you can always choose a 3D model online.
Mejdi holds a master of engineering in optical science, after which he specialized in optical-spectroscopy.

From 2012 to 2017 he was CEO of a start-up who developed a disruptive spectrometer, with a very aggressive (and expensive) patent strategy.

Since then, Mejdi has shifted toward open-source-software and open-source-hardware. In 2018 he graduated from MIT's Fabacademy program, and has now become an active member of the Fablab communities.

His company, IMPACT PHOTONICS, has core expertise in functional design analysis, frugal engineering, optics, micro-electronics, micro-mechanics, data-analysis, digital fabrication and rapid prototyping.

Its internal projects focus on engineering open-source and cost-effective optical scientific instrumentation in projects ranging from UV-Vis time-resolved absorption-spectroscopy for blood-chemistry-analysis to IR reflectance-spectroscopy for plastic-sorting.

IMPACT PHOTONICS also offers custom prototyping services to its clients in projects ranging from Multi-spectral imaging for bacterial colony picking to OD-meter for 96-well-plate analysis.
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Benchspace in association with Design and Crafts Council Ireland is proud to be participating in Design Week Ireland 2022.

LOCATION: The workshop will take place in Unit B1B - T12 KRH7 


Nov 18 2022


2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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