Benchspace provides precision laser cutting services for all materials from solid timber, all the way through to composites like MDF, plywood, particle board, bamboo and veneers, acrylics.

The Laser Cutter may be used by :

All individuals who have attended Introduction to Laser Cutting or have otherwise been inducted/trained by Benchspace. 

Laser Specs

  • LS1290 PRO Laser
  • Bed Size: 1600 x 900mm
  • Laser Source: Water Cooled CO2 Glass Tube

Benchspace laser cutter file preparation. Laser cutter is 2D and vector based. It cuts to a vector-based line. In Benchspace we use Inkscape free software to create the design or import an vector-based image from the web. Any vector based software will also be suitable.


Paper, card and print media / Fabric / Leather / Acrylic, nylon and other non-PVC plastics / Plastic laminates / Latex and rubber / Plywood and MDF / Wood and wood veneers


Glass, granite, slate and marble / Anodised Uncoated metals

Other Details.

All files should be prepared and converted to plotter- .plt -file format.

Bring your files for the lasercutter on a memory stick or your own laptop.

Any problems with files or any queries, please get in touch with us beforehand so we can be prepared for you.

For booking, pricing or more information: email