Artist/Designer in Residence 2019

[Arist in residence applications closed for 2019, please Contact Us to be notified when we open our 2020 Artist in Residence program]

Benchspace invites applications from established fine woodworking professionals, including furniture makers or artists working primarily in the medium of wood, or in combination with other materials.

Applications are also welcomed from academic staff of noted programs in the woodwork and design fields, seeking a period of return to a studio environment. The programme offers participants the latitude and creative environment to explore new bodies of work or methodologies.

The Artist/Designer-in-Residence programme is designed to bring established designer makers/artists to Cork Ireland, to showcase their work to a local audience, and to contribute fresh perspectives to the Resident Makers using the workshop.

The programme affords the successful candidate the opportunity to create a new body of work or facilitate the exploration of innovative methodologies.

It is hoped that it will also provide an in-depth opportunity for Benchspace makers and the wider community to learn from the Artist/Designer-in-Residence during workshops, lectures, and special programmes.

It is also hoped that the Benchspace Artist/Designer-in-Resident 2019 will facilitate the introduction of new, or the enhancement of existing, Artistic and Creative Practices in the Cork Community of Makers and Creatives.

This specific goal is fundamental to the philosophy of the Benchspace Creative hub, and we have organized a series of events to facilitate the free interchange of ideas and information.

Events to take place in conjunction with the Residency Programme:

The Resident to give an introduction, and a presentation of their body of work to the Benchspace Members and public during Cork Craft Month.

The Resident to give a lecture/demonstration/workshop to Benchspace Members and public on an Aspect of their work, or a specific topic of their own choice, as the Residency progresses.

The Resident to give a Public Seminar / Workshop / Discipline-Specific Weekend Event. Details to be submitted on application, and further details to be discussed at interview.

On Cork Culture Night at the end of September, the resident will present the ongoing work with a wider audience, and exhibit the work made to date.

The residency will culminate in the completed work being displayed in an associated Gallery space.

Benchspace Creative Hub, located in Cork South West Ireland, is a shared access wood workshop and provides affordable access to workbenches and professional standard machinery to local furniture makers and designers, particularly to graduates and early career professionals.

Benchspace actively encourages collaboration and co-working to stimulate creativity and innovation in the areas of craft and design, particularly acting as an incubator in the creative economy. The resident will have their own dedicated studio space with storage in a shared creative environment.


  • €3500 expenses to cover travel and accommodation
  • Access to the Benchspace studio 24/7 with allowances made for evening/weekend classes
  • Interaction with other makers in a creative environment
  • Exposure at professional exhibition events
  • Locally sourced materials will be provided for a significant project. (Maximum: €500)
  • Commitment to be present for a minimum of 30 hours per week in the workshop for a period of two months
  • Sharing of progression through Benchspace Social Media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Creation of a new body of work or methodology to be publicly exhibited
  • Delivery of public lectures/demonstrations.
  • Provide mentoring to Benchspace students and makers
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing with Benchspace Makers
  • Residents are also invited to give a series of classes on an agreed topic. An honorarium for classes would be in addition to the award.

Further Information

 The expected duration of the Residency is 2 months, with a deadline for applications of 5pm, Friday March 29th, 2019.

The Residency must commence during Cork Craft Month mid-August 2019.

Selection criteria will include quality of current portfolio, potential for artistic and professional growth, technical skill, and ability to communicate and collaborate in a studio environment.

Cork Craft Month is held in August and celebrates the diversity of craft available in Cork City and County. There is a full and exciting programme of exhibitions, open studios, free demonstrations, and workshops throughout the county. If the candidate can bring prior work with them, arrangements can be made to feature their work in an event in Cork Craft Month exhibition in Kinsale.


Proficient in the safe use of woodworking machinery and experienced in a workshop setting

o Excellent interpersonal skills

o Demonstrate a level of creative achievement

o Self-motivated, ability to work independently and critical thinker


  • A Letter of Intent outlining artistic direction of work, interpersonal skills and proposal of intention for work to be carried out during residency.
  • Current CV
  • Portfolio – minimum 5 unique pieces of work
  • References – Two professional references, preferably one academic and one working in the woodworking/design field with whom the applicant has worked with or for.
  • Indication of available dates to participate in residency

    Applications will be acknowledged on receipt. A Selection Committee of the Benchspace Board will review submissions. Successful applicants will be notified via email upon the Selection Committee’s decision. If the residency offer is accepted, the artist will be required to sign a residency contract.

    Submit your application in PDF format to:


Benchspace, Unit 15 Block O, Marina Commercial Park, Cork