Artist/Designer in Residence 2019

Benchspace welcomes internationally renowned data sculptor Adrien Segal, Artist-in-Residence for the summer of 2019.

Adrien will relocate from her Oakland California studio to the creative capital of Cork for almost two months.

While in Cork she will explore a new body of work, including steam bending wood, unconventional joinery methods for sculptural forms and in-depth carving techniques in solid timber.

Adrien has shown her awe-inspiring pieces in galleries in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Canada and counts Facebook as one of her clients.

“My approach to craft is interdisciplinary, in that I do not limit myself to creating work in a specific medium or technique, although I do have a degree in furniture design and practice extensive woodworking skills.
Wood is a wonderful material in that it is both rigid and flexible, so it is an ideal material to create curvaceous shapes, yet it is often made to be flat, straight, and square.
My artworks illustrate both additive and subtractive carving methods I have utilized to create sculptural and structural components in wood, as well as using wood to create forms that are then translated into other materials through mold-making and casting processes.”

Adrien will offer public presentations, demonstrations and masterclasses during a residency that will culminate in a public exhibition and presentation of her new work.

Her first public presentation is onWednesday, July 17, 2019 at 6:30 PM. in Benchspace, where she will introduce us to her current and proposedwork, and what inspired her to combine data visualisation and woodworking.

Her final exhibition will be held on August 24th


As part of the 2019 Benchspace Residency, Adrien will be giving a workshop on wood shaping and the carving techniques she uses in her practice.
In a hands-on workshop, she will go through the basic principles of working with wood while making a one-of-a-kind carved wooden piece.
Topics covered will include different types of wood, grain direction, carving, shaping, and food safe finishes.Through short demonstrations and lectures, using a combination of power tools and hand tools, students will explore the material for its functionality, as well as a creative outlet.

Adrien will be based in Benchspace workshop during July and August, watch out for other events on our website.





Benchspace, Unit 15 Block O, Marina Commercial Park, Cork